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In the Board II

​​板の中にいる II

Graduation Work for bachelor's degree



Tama Art University, Japan


Performance / installation 

1 hour per 1 time

3 wooden boards

Performance: Huang Jieru, Yan Zhentao

Video: Kotaro Saito

 I cut out each hole shaped a side-silhouette of each different person from three wooden boards, got their real body including myself into the holes, and made the three boards stand up in the space. This is a work constructed as a three-dimensional object when there are nobody in the boards, and as a performance work when there are people inside. During this performance, we behaved completely as a material and focused to keep the relationship with each board.

 Through out direct intervention to object and space due to the presence and absence of human body, I represented the heterogeneity and non-physicality hidden in human body from the contact point between our body and the boards.


​ 人物の存在/不在による空間への直接的な介入を通して、身体に潜む異質性、または非身体性を、板と人体との接点に肉薄させた。


©︎ 2017 Riko Takahashi

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