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Move the Unmoved




Tokyo, Japan


20 minutes

Photo: Naoki Takehisa 
Performance: Misato Koyata


 In this performance, I intervene in another performer by moving her body itself. She unplugs all muscle power from her whole body, removes the center of gravity, and stops all movements on her body. Her body which never moves just gets to be passive. In the other hand, I try to hold her body up carefully and make her move somewhere with activeness. We make unilateral relationship between moving and not moving while changing each posture.

 This work is based on an experience that I touched a dead animal at past. The body before starting to be stiff after death changed to another construct at the same time that it lost any feels and weight of lifetime. I made this performance as an exploring the feeling beyond connection and disconnection between life and death with an inspiration from physical and inevitable change of the body.



Move the Unmoved

​©︎ 2016 Riko Takahashi

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