Blue Line

Performance Art Resource Orchestrator





A back alley of Aliwal Street



20 minutes

Blue Tapes

Cooperate: Jeetin Rangher

Video: Jeetin Rangher

Photo: Sundar Lama



In such a way follow the blue line displayed on Google Map, I put blue tapes on the nameless road which is not on the map, rewinded them by rolling my body, and passed through the road with the real blue line.

The Idea of this performance is actually based on what I realized on Google Map.
When we open Google Map and search something road, we find a blue line running on the road displayed on Street View Function. Then we can pass through the road temporarily by scrolling the photo road on the display of our Smartphone or tablet. I got an idea of changing the temporal and virtual experience on device to the real one on site by performance. In the process of this performance, I chose a nameless road which has not been recognized yet by Google Map, and took a rotation motion that replaces scrolling speed on device with life size for myself. The more the tapes overlap on my body, the more my body got restrained and turned into an object for rewinding the tapes.

When I got at the end of the road, I got out from the blue tape bolus, and this performance was finished with leaving an object of blue line bolus as a trace.

© 2018 Riko Takahashi