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Walk on the Edge


Above the Clouds



Zhiyun Temple

Lijiang, China


15 minutes


 I walked on an edge of huge shadow of tree which overlaps the ground while putting a knife in my one toe with an image that I cut the shadow out from the sunny ground. I got inspired that the phenomenon, shadow of the huge tree extending toward the sky reflected on the ground, was just as if that flattened the sense of distance between the ground and tree above. By simply walking and literally cutting the boundary between the shadow and the other sunny place by a knife, I tried to intervene in the positional relationship of trees, ground, and shadow. This is an action for bringing out the scale and distance of the spatiality absorbed by the existing scene, that we used to seeing so far.

Riko_Zhiyun Temple, Lijiang 2018.5.10.JP

© 2018 Riko Takahashi

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