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Walk on Wheels 


Blurborders International performance art eXchange 2019

August, 2019

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand



40 minutes

Roller skate shoes

video: Pancho Sirivejkul

 I wore a roller skate shoes, stood up towards the wall, put my hands on, and started walking on the floor as it is. Since the wheels of the roller shoes kept me on the same position by the wheel’s specific nature, so I could not move from the position where I started walking. I continued walking on the same position with steps equivalent to a total of one kilometer. As you can see, no matter how much I tried to walk forward, I accumulated my steps in the same space, where is lost a sense of distance. 

 Trough out visualizing an inconsistency between accumulation of walking, and disappearance of distance, I re-considered a creativity brought about by a kind of useless action. 



Copyright ©︎ 2019 Riko Takahashi

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