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Fragile Color



Tokyo, Japan



30 minutes

A4 copy papers

Photo: Naoki Takehisa

 When we see a strong light, the afterimage from the light is left on our view. It has something color and shape. But even if we try to focus it, we can not get any concrete appearance of the afterimage. Because it is easy to be faded, and hard to be captured. Therefor, the afterimage, drifting between our view and outworld, remains visible and invisible.

 In this performance, I make afterimage by looking up the light intentionally, and leave it on my view. After moving my view point with the afterimage down to the white papers set at my feet, I pick up a piece of paper while making the afterimage reflect on it, and put the paper on my face. Then I raise my head, and blow up the paper from my face into the air. I repeat these series of actions.

 Trough this performance, I try to re-configure a parallel relationship between my body, outworld, and afterimage which caused from myself.





Fragile Color

© 2017 Riko Takahashi

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