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Follow the Shadow


Graduation Work for bachelor's degree



Tama Art University

Tokyo, Japan


15 minutes

Video: Kotaro Saito

 This Performance is a literal action that I follow my own shadow by proceeding while moving my shadow with sand by my hand on the ground, based on a simple principle that my shadow moves as I move.
I followed the phenomenon that shadow, and at the same time I sandwiched my body between the ground reflecting my shadow and the light source that causes my shadows, the sun. The result of the action done to my shadow by myself was left at the site as a traces of sand, but it is fragile one enough to change or disappear with a wind or someone's foot. Throughout this performance with uncertain result, I represented not only the variability of the space caused by action, but also the universality of the space highlighted by the former.

 Also I wore a small camera in order to make a point of view which close to my own field of vision in the recording of this performance. In addition to this, I set another camera away from the site. The video of small camera shows my hand moving my shadow with sand on the ground, and the other one shows my action from a distance. By recording with two deferent perspectives, I try to re-visualized the above concept of this performance.



© 2017 Riko Takahashi

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